FCI Europe Section – For Dogs European Wide

The FCI EUROPE SECTION represents the European canine world organised within the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), which is the world canine federation.

- FCI EUROPE SECTION cares about all dogs.
- FCI EUROPE SECTION promotes dog activities and dog sports.
- FCI EUROPE SECTION furthers the breeding and keeping of healthy pedigree dogs.


  • Further and protect all aspects of the European cynology.
  • Enlighten and inform the public as well as all interested bodies and organisations in Europe in questions concerning dogs.
  • Further animal protection and co-operate with authorities responsible for animal protection.
  • Combat non-serious large-scale commercial dog trade, such as the buying and selling of dogs from and to dog traders (e.g. puppy farms). Dogs are live pets – not commercial commodities.
  • Support its member organisations in the adjustment of their regulations to the regulations and standards of the European Union and the Council of Europe in accordance with the rules and regulations of each member country.
  • Represent the common interests of its member organisations towards the European Union, the Council of Europe and the European countries and their authorities, if desired by the member organisation in question. The association aims at the recognition and registration as an expert organisation in matters concerning animal protection and breeding, training and keeping of dogs by the European Parliament and the Commission of the European Union.
  • Issue opinions and information through its experts to authorities and other institutions of the European Union or the Council of Europe.
  • Catalyse the co-operation between the countries in order to make it easier for exhibitors and trial participants to take part in other countries’ competitions.

The FCI EUROPE SECTION pursues no party political or religious aims; its purpose is not aimed at any business operation. Instead its aim is to further the philanthropic, scientific and educational fields of canine matters by forming a forum where information, knowledge and experience can be exchanged.